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Surprisingly approachable for representing a revolution on four wheels

The 1934 De Soto Airflow


Fashioned by Function -total production amounting to only 13,940 cars, 11,713 of which were the six-passenger, four-door Sedan as seen here.

The Airflow automobiles featured the beginning on unibody construction and they were the first cars to place the motor over the front axles - providing a more comfortable ride. This model--called the "Airflow De Soto" in period advertisements, emphasizing the body design over the model--was, along with its Chrysler equivalents, a clean-sheet design that would set the standard for coming decades. Chrysler-branded Airflows are more recognizable, but it was the De Soto subsidiary that went all-in for 1934, the Airflow's debut year; while Chrysler offered conventionally-designed cars in its 1934 lineup to appeal to less adventurous buyers, all De Soto models that year were Airflows.

This car is stunning not only by looks but its resto was done in a according manor as well.


The 1934 De Soto Airflow

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